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Estradasphere's approach to music blurs the lines between traditional and experimental forms, with a provocative mix of composition and improvisation. These accomplished musicians blend and contrast styles in compelling and sometimes shocking ways. Their art is not an experiment. It is passionate and alive because of their deep understanding and mastery of the individual styles of music they play. Estradasphere's music is cerebral, vibrant, and daringly playful. The Estradasphere experience includes passion, humor, and at times, awe-inspiring brilliance. Their music is complex yet inviting, seducing the listener across time, space, and genre. Estradasphere shows are intensely dynamic: outrageous yet introspective, tongue-in-cheek yet sincere. Every show is unique, never ceasing to stir excitement and challenge the audience's expectations. They continue to expand their performance experience, appearing at nightclubs, festivals, universities, symphony halls, theaters, and even circuses.

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Passion for Life
(WoM 015) - Mar. 2004

Passion for Life


The insatiable minions who make up the always-growing Estradasphere peanut gallery ought to be delighted by this live DVD-and-CD package, released on the heels of their Quadropus album and tour. Fans of this powerhouse unit of ultra-eclecticism will be treated to an inside look at how their favorite proponents of the "aural collage" can just make it happen without the usual smoke and mirrors... Whaaaaat? No laptops? No samplers? To those enamored with the recent, ahem, "progress" made in those areas, good old-fashioned musicianship might seem a bit odd. But "odd" hasn't ever been seen as a bad thing in Estradasphere-land. Consult the DVD for proof; it was shot from a diehard fan's perspective (and beautifully, we might add). You'll see all the weird personality quirks as band euphoria trades off with the turbulent demands of excessive musicianship. Various band psychodramas are completely real, but seem more and more like a big joke as they get played out-- sometimes making it all the way to the stage! And going on tour just amplifies that kind of thing to the point of no return, which somehow ends up enhancing the music in unique and indescribable ways. The theory at Mimicry is that the key to Estradasphere's continuing success is that they are a live band first and foremost. Plop in this well-made DVD and see the proof, or throw in the CD and reminisce until their next tour. So you'll know.

  • 2+ hour compilation of live Estradasphere footage
  • Includes music video for "The Silent Elk of Yesterday"
  • Extra footage of performances with Secret Chiefs 3 and Farmers Market
  • Features full-length commentary by the band


(WoM 013) - Nov. 2003



The latest studio album from Estradasphere.

On Quadropus, the band navigates terrain usually reserved for people who take themselves quite seriously. Who's kidding whom? These guys could eat most of the Downtown pros for breakfast. It's finally evident that the shameless flaunting of the inner-dork that has banished Estradasphere to the annoying joke bin is not by any means the end of the story. Not because the band is ever going to be considered cool or anything pathetic like that, but because how they craft their music has changed into something a lot more listenable. For instance, the ultra-electronic-sounding dub / drum'n'bass of "Dubway" is done entirely a capella. Their version of an old Greek Rembetica song stays pretty true to the original, even through the wall of guitars and double kick drum at the end. "Speck" is a nice and creepy ballad, like Mazzy Star doing a Nino Rota cover. Their ridiculous, Godzilla-sized, demented "funk" song "King Krab Battle " sounds like well over a thousand people playing at once. Sheer primal madness. The Bulgarian-influenced, crowd-pleasing "Hardball" is a tight-as-fuck trip down Estradasphere lane, only better than before. Also includes a video for "Body Slam."

  1. Mekapses Yitonisa
  2. Dubway
  3. King Krab Battle [mp3]
  4. Speck
  5. Hardball [mp3]
  6. A Car Ride in Idealistic Ethiopia (Part 1)
  7. Crystal Blue
  8. Jungle Warfare [mp3]
  9. Bodyslam
  10. At Least We’d Have Today [mp3]

Buck Fever
(WoM 008) - 2001

Buck Fever


  1. Buck Fever
  2. The Dapper Bandits
  3. The Silent Elk of Yesterday
  4. Crag Lake
  5. Meteorite Showers
  6. The Bounty Hunter
  7. Super Buck II
  8. Millennium Child
  9. Trampoline Klan
  10. Burnt Corpse
  11. Rise 'n Shine
  12. The Bride of the Buck
  13. A Very Intense Battle
  14. Green Hill
  15. Jove Malle de Mone / Feed your Mamas Meter (remix 2001)
  16. What Deers May Come

The Silent Elk of Yesterday
(WoM 009) - 2001

The Silent Elk of Yesterday


The live Estradasphere EP. Some studio tracks with over an hour of live Estradasphere.

  1. The Silent Elk of Yesterday
  2. Crag Lake
  3. Millennium Child (live)
  4. The Dapper Bandits

    Live performances:

  5. The Ventriloquist Choir
  6. Mikapses Yitonisa
  7. Burnt Corpse
  8. Rise n Shine
  9. Disco Time
  10. A Tune By F.F.C.
  11. The Princes of Xibalba
  12. The Penguin
  13. Techno in the Style of Burning Man
  14. Some Turkish Song
  15. Aunt Nellie's Love Gravy
  16. Medley #3
  17. Some Irish Song
  18. Hunger Strike (Ending)

It's Understood
(WoM 005) - 2000

It's Understood


  1. Hunger Strike
  2. Cloud Land
  3. The Transformation
  4. Danse of Tosho & Slavi / Randy's Desert Adventure
  5. The Trials and Tribulations of Parking on Your Front Lawn
  6. The Princes
  7. Los Días Sin Días
  8. XQuiQ
  9. Hunnahpu & Xbalanque
  10. Spreading the Disease
  11. Planet Sparkle / Court Yard Battle
  12. D-flat Hell



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