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If the Captain and Tennille were into dark progressive space rock, they might have really lit the world on fire. Thirty years later the Youngs have emerged to fill the void. Their catchy, well-crafted songs will make us all shed a tear for love and death, Seattle sadcore style. This dynamic duo (a married couple in real life) succeeds in their aim of fearlessly charting the astral regions, telling us moving tales of living and dying on a fucked-up planet like this one, with love as their backseat driver.

Live, the golden voiced Eryn Young sings and plays drums & samples simultaneously, with significant other Tim Young, the accomplished Seattle musician at her side playing guitar & bass pedals and singing simultaneously. It’s like two one-man-bands in one.


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mimicry releases

The Youngs
(WoM 018) - 2004

The Youngs s/t


A few ecstatic blips on the EKG are now being detected under the heavy armour of music’s dying potentials and creeping cynicism. The advent of the Youngs’ Mimicry debut attests to it.

Owing more to Grandaddy than the White Stripes, the Young's songs here conjure the melancholic beauty of a couple witnessing the end of the world. With lyrical topics ranging from futile space migrations, to the power of love in the face of being psychically vampirized by modern cities, to the Skull and Bones Society, to a beautiful and sincere suicide pact between lifelong partners, the Youngs have crafted a form of music that quite literally sparkles and shines with bountiful appeal for those of us who are only agitated by that stuff called “Emo”..  

After hearing this great sounding and well-produced record you won’t believe they can pull it off. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  1. The Last Migration [mp3]
  2. Breakdown
  3. Cold Wind
  4. The Industrial Way
  5. Killing of the King [mp3]
  6. Again for Love
  7. Pride and Shame
  8. Walk On By [mp3]
  9. America [mp3]
  10. Pre-Emptive Love




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