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WoM 058 Digital Secret Chiefs 3: UR Buy digital Personnae: Halloween EP
WoM 057 Digital Secret Chiefs 3: UR Buy digital MUSICA PRACTICA (Geek Pack Two: Halloween)
WoM 056 Digital Secret Chiefs 3: FORMS Buy digital Danse Macabre Superdeluxe
WoM 055 CD Cleric Buy CD
Buy digital
WoM 054 Digital Traditionalists / Ishraqiyun Buy digital THE SYSTEM OF ANTICHRIST / Bereshith
WoM 053 Digital Secret Chiefs 3: Ishraqiyun Buy digital MUSICA PRACTICA (Geek Pack One: Bereshith)
WoM 052 Digital Secret Chiefs 3: UR Buy digital Telstar / The New Daylight (Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique)
WoM 051 CD Free Salamander Exhibit Buy CD
buy 12"
Buy digital
WoM 050 CD or 12" LP Secret Chiefs 3: Ishraqiyun Buy CD
Buy 12"
Buy digital
WoM 049 7" Cleric Buy 7" Resumption
WoM 048 7" Atomic Ape Buy 7" Rampage / Shadow Valse
WoM 047 CD Probosci Buy CD
Buy digital
Time to Feed
WoM 046 7" FORMS Buy 7" Apocryphon of Jupiter / Danse Macabre
WoM 045 Split 7" UR / FORMS Buy 7" Medium Aevum / Stars and Stripes Forever
WoM 044 CD Atomic Ape Buy CD
Buy digital
WoM 043 CD Secret Chiefs 3 Buy CD
Buy digital
Book of Souls: Folio A
WoM 042 7" Secret Chiefs 3: Traditionalists Buy 7" La Chanson de Jacky / The Western Exile
WoM 041 CD FAT32 Buy CD FAT32
WoM 040 Split 7" Ishraqiyun / FORMS Buy 7"
Buy digital
Saptarshi / Radar
WoM 039 CD Secret Chiefs 3 Buy CD Satellite Supersonic
WoM 038 CD Cleric Buy CD Regressions
WoM 037 CD Good For Cows Buy CD AUDUMLA
WoM 036 DVD Secret Chiefs 3 Out of print  Live at the Great American Music Hall
WoM 035 CD Orange Tulip Conspiracy Buy CD Orange Tulip Conspiracy
WoM 034 DVD Faxed Head Buy DVD From Coalinga to Osaka: Live in Japan 1995
WoM 033 CD Girth Buy CD Sleeper Awaken
WoM 032 7" UR Out of print  Circumambulation / Labyrinth of Light
WoM 031 7" UR Out of print  Kulturvultur / Drive
WoM 030 Split 7" Ishraqiyun / Electromagnetic Azoth Out of print  Balance of the 19 / UBIK
WoM 029 Split 7" Electromagnetic Azoth / UR Out of print  The Left Hand of Nothingness / Personnae: Halloween
WoM 028 CD or 12" LP Secret Chiefs 3: Traditionalists Out of print
Buy digital
Le Mani Destre Recise Degli Ultimi Uomini
WoM 027 CD Secret Chiefs 3 Buy CD Path of Most Resistance
WoM 026 CD Matt Chamberlain Buy CD Matt Chamberlain
WoM 025 CD Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses Buy CD Perils
WoM 023 CD Sir Millard Mulch Out of print 
Buy digital
How to Sell the Whole F#@!ng Universe to Everybody... Once and For All!
WoM 022 CD The Stares Buy CD

Spine to Sea

WoM 021 CD ASVA Out of print 
Buy digital
Futurists Against the Ocean
WoM 020 CD The Tuna Helpers Buy CD I'll Have What She's Having
WoM 019 CD Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Buy CD Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of Natural History
WoM 018 CD The Youngs Buy CD The Youngs
WoM 017 CD Brazzaville Out of print  Welcome to Brazzaville
WoM 016 CD Various Out of print  Mimicry Sampler 2004
WoM 015 DVD+CD  Estradasphere Buy DVD Passion for Life
WoM 014 CD Secret Chiefs 3   Book of Horizons
WoM 013 CD Estradasphere Out of print 
Buy digital
WoM 012 CD Dengue Fever Out of print  Dengue Fever
WoM 011 CD I.S.S. Out of print 
Buy digital
Forget About the Girl
WoM 010 CD Danubius Buy CD Danubius
WoM 009 CD Estradasphere Out of print  The Silent Elk of Yesterday
WoM 008 CD Estradasphere Out of print 
Buy digital
Buck Fever
WoM 007 CD Faxed Head Out of print 
Buy digital
WoM 006 CD Secret Chiefs 3 Buy CD
Buy digital
Book M
WoM 005 CD Estradasphere Out of print 
Buy digital
It's Understood
WoM 004 CD Secret Chiefs 3 Buy CD Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws
WoM 003 CD Secret Chiefs 3 Buy CD First Grand Constitution and Bylaws
WoM 002 CD Secret Chiefs 3 Buy CD Eyes of Flesh Eyes of Flame
WoM 001 7" Secret Chiefs 3 Out of print  Zulkifar II & Zulkifar III

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